Special Audit Service

A service forassurance the clients of required work flow system or processes, such as revenue and expense cycle, specific project or inventory and warehouse management,that is according with the agreed objectives and scopes


1. Working ProcedureTo audit, analyze and assess documents under the agreed objectives as well as scopes, and prepare an audit report.

2. To consult of internal control, risk and corporate governance.


Service Fee : Depends on working mandays.

1. DeliverableAudit Plan

2. Audit Report


This service is for


Things to Prepare

1. Listed Companies
2. Limited Companies

1. To serve as an instrument to manage and prevent risks and impacts.
2. To assure work flow system or processes are according with the agreed objectives and scopes.

1. Cooperation from all parties to supply necessary documents, such as organization structure, work procedure, authorization matrix, supporting documents, for review.


Related Service

1. Internal Audit


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